Zero waste shop, Scoop, launches the ‘Just one bottle’ campaign in Fleet

Scoop, launches the ‘Just one bottle’ campaign in Fleet

Fleet’s zero waste shop, Scoop, is taking part in the ‘Just one bottle’ campaign. The campaign was launched on January 1st 2022 to encourage people to just try refilling one bottle.

Kate Cottrell, founder of Scoop says, “The rates of climate anxiety are rising fast. Many members of the public feel powerless against the effects of climate change and that they are not able to contribute to the fight against it. This campaign is about empowering individuals and showing people that together, with one small change, we can ALL contribute to the fight against climate change. The network of refill shops across the UK are working together with the same goal, to help the fight against climate change and to support our communities in their sustainable goals.

“We hope to encourage people who want to do their bit to help reduce plastic waste to just start small. Just refill one bottle. If each household did this, imagine the impact it would make! Whether it is refilling an empty bottle of washing up liquid or shampoo bottle we are encouraging people to just give it a go.”

With the planet in the throes of a climate emergency, the Refill retail sector is growing. Refill shops offer a great way to shop more sustainability, save money and have a positive impact on the planet.  Some people, however are reluctant to take the first steps into the refill way for reasons such as fears of making a mess and the cost. With the potential to save over a hundred bottles of mostly un-recyclable plastic per family annually, refill shops offer a viable alternative.

With environmental issues being hot news right now, local residents and media companies are taking more interest in their local refill shop and what we are doing to champion this campaign as well as raising awareness and helping consumers to make a difference.

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