BRAS Frimley
BRAS Frimley

Breast Research And Support at Frimley Park Hospital (BRAs)
Fleet Pink Friday 23rd October

Local charity BRAS (Breast Research and Support) aims to raise money to have a dedicated research nurse based at the Breast Care Unit at Frimley Park Hospital. This would enable breast cancer patients to participate in national and international trials. The dedicated nurse would provide support not only to the patients but their husbands/ partners and family who are often also in need of support during this very difficult time of their lives. 

About the campaign

In 2015 businesses in Fleet came together for Paint Fleet Pink week to help raise £30,000  for the Frimley Breast Care appeal. And we would like to come together again to support this campaign in Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Paint it Pink day on Friday 23rd October.

COVID-19 meant that fundraising was put on hold, but unfortunately Breast Cancer doesn’t go on hold. All breast cancer trials were stopped at the beginning of the pandemic and patients are having to take another journey for their treatments. The charity BRAs has been set up by two Fleet residents who are surviving breast cancer patients and are concerned about what breast cancer patients are going through right now. 

No one wants to be a patient in a Breast Cancer Unit, but if you do find yourself a patient, BRAS want to ensure the unit at Frimley is maintained as the best place to be treated in the country to receive treatment and with the most up to date facilities.  We are lucky to have a fantastic team of breast consultants who are passionate and strive above and beyond to give the best possible treatment. 

The helix on the ‘s’ is DNA, the true face and future of treatment for breast cancer. 1 in 4 women within the UK will be referred and seen with breast symptoms. Breast cancer is the commonest solid cancer in the UK, with 1 in 8 women affected within their lifetime. Everyone will know someone touched by this disease.

Frimley Park treats 400 new cancers a year and an audit of breast cancer survival, shows a 5-year survival rate of 93%, 6% higher than the national average. The Frimley breast unit has contributed to many national and international breast studies. We work together and are a very cohesive, interactive and dynamic team.

The Breast team are committed to excellence and through the years, they have introduced new techniques in breast surgery well ahead of many national and bigger units. “We continue to develop new techniques and want to be at the cutting edge of new developments.”

How businesses can get involved

BRAs would like to hold a local Pink Friday on the 23rd October and you can contribute by:

  • Having a collection box for the day/ month
  • Hold your own pink event
  • Encourage staff to dress up in pink and make a donation to the appeal
  • Raise awareness and funds by encouraging your customers and the local community to donate to the appeal


If you wish to take part let us know (email us) and Fleet BID and the BRAS charity will share this on social media and include a gallery of images on this page.

Your support will not only raise funds which would be great but also to raise BRAS profile into the community and help the future of our local Breast Cancer patients both ladies and men.

The Fundraising campaign

The BRAS charity are aiming to raise the £87,500 required to fund the research nurse.

Please support your local hospital breast unit to lighten the burden on these patients and their families during their diagnosis and treatment, and help conquer this disease through research.