Cost savings

Cost savings

Designed to save businesses in the BID area money, our partnership with Meercat Associates creates our very own joint procurement service, using the bulk buying power of both Fleet’s own business community and BIDs across the country to save you time and money.

Meercat Associates work with BIDs across the country and are specialists in sourcing and managing contracts for individual businesses. All the work will be done for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.

The Fleet BID procurement service is free to all businesses in the BID area and will save you time and money. No commission is earned on the service – all financial savings will be passed to you. Across the country businesses are saving more than the cost of their BID levy every year through Meercat Associates.

To date (January 2019), Meercat have identified over £22,000 savings for businesses in Fleet.

Download the Procurement brochure and find out how you reduce costs.

Offers from business in the BID area

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