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Is free parking good for Fleet?

Hart District Council have been reviewing parking charges and are proposing to introduce free 30 minute parking in Fleet which is being discussed at the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee meeting on 17th December. The Fleet Business Improvement District undertook two research projects to get views from businesses, people who work in the town and shoppers / visitors to the town to understand whether free parking would be a good thing for Fleet. While there is overwhelming support for free parking, there are significant concerns about the current proposals which would introduce a new 3 hour parking charge, increase fees
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Guide to Preventing Business Crime

Lancashire Police have published helpful business crime prevention advice for business owners on their website. Read the full article and download the guide here Here are their top tips to reduce the risks of your business being targeted Keep valuables and anything that may attract a criminal to your business out of sight. Remove anything that might be used to commit crime – eg make sure there are no bricks or debris around or chain bins to railings so they can’t be used as climbing aids Security mark property, use dummy stock or consider smoke and dye systems (larger businesses)
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