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10 reasons to vote for BID in Fleet

Want to know why businesses should vote for a BID in Fleet? Here  are the main benefits of a BID for Fleet. Attracting more people into Fleet – increasing footfall means more potential customers for businesses in Fleet helping those businesses to thrive. Raising the profile of Fleet locally and further afield – Fleet has so much to offer and many people even those living locally aren’t aware of what’s on offer. Raising the profile of Fleet will attract more people into the town. Supporting businesses to recruit and retain staff – making information available and having offers for people working
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Why Fleet needs a BID (Business Improvement District)

Since summer 2015, businesses in Fleet have been working on a proposal for Fleet to become a Business Improvement District. Businesses will be able to vote in this proposal in February/March 2017. Here, in our first of a series of articles on the Business Improvement District, we explain why businesses in Fleet need to vote YES for a Business Improvement District (BID). Fleet is the main town in Hart District and offers a wide range of commercial businesses, retail and leisure experiences.  It hosts both independent and multiple businesses, a performance centre and a surprising number of popular events, including
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