Vaccine roll out for residents in Fleet

Update from the NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on 7th January.

Rolling out the Covid-19 vaccinations to the local population is the top priority and locally there are around 40,000 people to be vaccinated in the top four priority cohorts. Patients 80 years of age and above, as well as frontline health and social care staff are the first cohorts to be offered the vaccine.

Plans are being made to meet the Government target of vaccinating each of the tiered cohorts for all populations across North East Hampshire and Farnham.

Four main sites have been approved by NHS England, which will cover our local population:

  • Monteagle Surgery, Yateley
  • Farnham Centre for Health, Farnham
  • Princes Hall, Aldershot
  • Southwood Surgery, Farnborough

It is likely these will also be complemented by a Community Pharmacy site in Fleet and the CCG will update further when details are confirmed.

Care home residents and housebound patients will be covered by a mobile site.

The NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group have asked that people follow the following guidance:

  • please do not contact the NHS to seek a vaccine, you will be contacted when you are eligible.
  • when you are contacted, please attend your booked appointments.

People cannot choose which vaccine they receive. The vaccines available have been approved because they pass the MHRA’s tests as highly effective to protect you from coronavirus.

Visit the website and read the full announcement here.