Remedial work planned in Church Road Car Park

There have been some issues with Church Road Car Park where, water is collecting and ‘ponding’. Hart District Council have been working with the contractor since they were first aware of this issue to identify how this can be rectified. The affected area of the car park will need to be resurfaced and this needs to be done as soon as possible, before cold weather prevents the work from taking place and more rain risks long term damage to the surface of the car park.

Hart District Council are keen to minimise the disruption to local businesses and the intention is for the work to take place on the during the evening of Thursday 13th December.

To undertake the work quickly, efficiently, and to minimise risk to users, the car park will be closed to new entries from 4.30pm on Thursday evening through to 2am on Friday morning. Any vehicles in the car park after 4.30pm will be allowed to stay and will be escorted around the works when they need to leave the car park.

Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer staff and deliveries will be able to enter and leave the car park, and will be guided around the work area. The Council will shortly be placing notices on all ticket machines in the car park, and letter will be sent to resident surrounding the car park.

There will also be some additional work to install trolley hoops but any disruption from this is expected to be minimal.