Preventing modern slavery – toolkit for SMEs

SME Modern Slavery Toolkit


Modern slavery happens everywhere. It operates in plain sight and could affect any business without you even knowing. While legislation to date has focused on larger companies, small and medium businesses (SMEs) are also at risk.

Sectors and industries commonly identified as high risk for labour exploitation in the UK include warehouses and distribution; construction; agriculture, fishing, food processing and packaging; textile, footwear and clothing manufacturers; hand car washes; security; manufacturing and electronics; cleaning and facilities services; recycling and waste; hospitality, catering and food; beauty services (including nail salons) and social care.

The Shiva Foundation and STOP THE TRAFFIK have developed guidance for SMEs to help them understand how they might be affected and how they can take steps to reduce the risk including:

  • Risk Assessment tool enabling you to determine which parts of the toolkit are relevant to your business.
    Protecting Employees: practical steps to reduce the risk of modern slavery affecting your employees.
    Protecting Agency Workers: practical guidance on questions to ask of agencies to reduce the risk of modern slavery when using agency workers.
    Reporting Incidents: clear guidance on how to report concerns if you suspect modern slavery is occurring.
    Supply Chains: quick steps to prioritise and manage your supply chain risk in consideration of your buying power.

They will also be running a series of free webinars for SMEs to help them address modern slavery risk in their business. To register for a webinar click the links bvelow

27 April, 10-11am: Find out more and register here

Download the SME Toolkit here

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