Hart plans to welcome Afghan families

Hart District Council is planning to welcome Afghan families next month as part of the resettlement scheme announced by the Government.

The UK has been running a scheme to support locally employed staff in Afghanistan, often in dangerous and challenging situations, in recognition of their commitment and bravery shown supporting UK forces since 2013. In April 2021, this was extended to include a relocation scheme to the UK.

The Council expects to receive two families in early September.

Speaking about the scheme, Cllr Stuart Bailey Cabinet Member for Communities at Hart District Council, said: “Hampshire County Council are leading on this initiative, and we are pleased to be able to offer our support in partnership with VIVID Housing. We are committed to receiving two families and look forward to giving them a warm welcome to Hart.”

Those who qualify and choose to relocate to the UK with their families are not expected to return to Afghanistan. After completing five years of limited leave, they can apply for permanent residence in the UK, free of charge, ensuring that they can settle here permanently and continue to build their lives and future here.

People coming to the UK under this scheme may arrive either as a whole family unit or with the lead person arriving first and their dependants joining them at a later point, depending on their individual circumstances.

For more information about the scheme, please visit www.gov.uk/government/publications/afghan-locally-engaged-staff

Rose Tapper
Author: Rose Tapper