Benefits of the BID to service businesses

Benefits of the BID

The main aims of the BID in Fleet are to:

  • Promote Fleet as a destination to shop, work, relax and do business
  • Increase footfall in Fleet and increase the length of time people stay in the town
  • Deliver tangible improvements for all businesses.

If you are a business in Fleet providing services to other businesses the BID Business Plan includes a number of activities designed to benefit you.

How will your business benefit?

The following list of activities is not exhaustive but are the ones which have been identified as of particular benefit to service businesses:

Supporting staff recruitment and retention

  • The BID will produce information on Fleet in the form of a handy map which will be a helpful guide to Fleet when recruiting staff.
  • The BID will introduce a discount scheme for people working in Fleet to benefit from discounts from retailers and restaurants in the BID area.
  • A business to business scheme could also be introduced encouraging businesses to trade with other local businesses.
  • The BID will explore a minibus service to provide transport to Fleet from areas such as Waterfront business park.

Saving money

  • The BID will look to negotiate discounts for business on utilities and trade waste by leveraging their combined buying power.
  • Parking is an issue for some companies so the BID will explore a parking discount scheme for staff.

Business Support

  • The BID will pull together a team of Business Advisers to provide advice, guidance and support for businesses whether they are startups or established businesses.
  • Discounts will be offered on mystery shopping services to get an impartial review of customer service your business delivers.
  • More support will be available to businesses to enable them to benefit from events and activities being held in the town as well as the increased footfall these events generate.
  • Supporting business award schemes to raise the profile of businesses in Fleet.

Marketing the town

  • Fleet will be promoted locally and to people living in nearby towns and villages as a place to shop, eat, relax and do business.
  • People living in Fleet and nearby will be encouraged to support local businesses and buy locally through campaigns throughout the year, giving businesses an opportunity to showcase what they do.

As Bruce Bulgin, partner at Chadney Bulgin says “Any initiative to raise the profile of Fleet and bring more people into the town is good for all businesses. I believe that a BID will bring much-needed investment into Fleet town benefitting businesses, our employees and customers.”

And Steve Barrett Partner at Hurst Warne says, “Voting YES for a Business Improvement District in Fleet is a real chance to make decisions about the way in which our town develops and have a say in the future success of Fleet.”