Pollution test results are a breath of fresh air for Hart residents

Good News!

People living in Hart enjoy some of the cleanest air in the UK, according to a new report. The district received a clean bill of health for air quality for the fifth year running in the 2020 Air Quality Annual Status Report.

Air pollution, mainly from traffic, continued to decline across the area in 2019, with levels below the national limit value at all measurement sites.

“This is great news for residents,” said Councillor Sara Kinnell, Cabinet member for
Environmental Health. “It is particularly good for people’s health, because air pollution is
known to be a factor in diseases such as heart disease, lung conditions and cancer.”
Everyone can help to keep Hart’s air clean by using their cars less and by using public
transport and walking or cycling where possible.

Hart District Council is driving improvements to air quality as part of its planning process and
by encouraging people to use low- and zero- emission vehicles.

The full report is available to view on Hart’s air quality section on its website.

Rose Tapper
Author: Rose Tapper