FleetWatch – reducing crime and antisocial behaviour in Fleet

The British Retail Consortium have reported that customer theft remains the single biggest component of retail crime, accounting for 83% of all incidents by volume and 56% of the total direct cost of retail crime. In addition 40% retailers surveyed see theft by customers as the biggest crime-related threat facing them in the next 2 years.

Fleet BID’s FleetWatch Scheme is designed to reduce and prevent crime in the town.

Who is it for?
FleetWatch is available to retailers as well as bars, clubs, restaurants and taxis who operate in the evening. The scheme includes Fleet town centre but can also cover as far as Church Crookham and Elvetham Heath.

What is included?
FleetWatch includes a Digital Radio System and Online Computer System, DISC.

The Digital radios:

• Connect to businesses in the FleetWatch Scheme to communicate about potential offenders and trouble makers.
• Connected to Hampshire Police, allowing you to report suspicious behaviour and alert the police.
• Connected to Hampshire Police control room, enabling them to control the direction of CCTV cameras in the event of an incident.

DISC online software contains:

• Images of known offenders uploaded by the police, enabling you to see who to look out for.
• Mugshot galleries of active offenders in the Fleet area.

How do I join FleetWatch?

Complete an Application Form and email to info@fleet-bid.co.uk to sign up to the scheme. Download the Application form here.