Fleet trial pedestrianisation – visitor survey results

Following the road closure in Fleet by Hart District Council to trail pedestrianisation on part of Fleet Road, the Fleet Business Improvement District has commissioned a survey to get the views of people in Fleet on the trial pedestrianisation and events in Fleet.

The summary of the findings is below:

  • 80% people said they feel safer now the road is closed.
  • 70% people said that pedestrianisation has made them feel differently about Fleet.
  • 74% said that pedestrianisation is a positive thing
  • 79% people were from Fleet (GU51 and GU52) postcodes.
  • People from outside Fleet were from GU postcodes (10%), RG postcodes (8%) and further afield (3%).

The full report can be downloaded here.

The report summary infographic is below and can be downloaded as a PDF


About trial pedestrianisation

Hart District Council have installed a temporary road closure on the section of Fleet Road from Upper Street / Victoria Road to Church Road. The part-pedestrianisation will mean more shoppers can maintain social distancing and support the economic recovery for the business community.

As well as making Fleet a safe place to visit, this project provides the opportunity for the space to be used for events and activities. Hart District Council’s plans include the provision of temporary outdoor seating and landscaping to improve the attractiveness of the space and we are looking at ways to deliver additional activities to make use of the space and attract people into Fleet.

Fleet BID have been organising events and activities in the space that can take place safely and give people a reason to visit Fleet.