Fleet Recovery Strategy


Fleet BID Recovery Framework


Fleet BID has published their recovery strategy for Fleet, detailing the steps the BID are taking and council support requested to ensure that people feel confident to return to Fleet and support local businesses safely.

Many other towns are implementing similar measures and funding is available through central Government and the Local Enterprise Partnership to support these initiatives.

We have been in discussions with Hart District Council and Fleet Town Council to ensure Fleet is a safe space to visit and have requested the following:

  • Parking bay suspensions where pavements are narrow
  • Temporary Road closures in the retail area and restaurant ares, to make the town a safe space to travel and allow restaurants to use the road as outdoor space once they are able to open.
  • Improving cycling facilities in and to Fleet town centre
  • Extending free parking to the end of July, or once the vast majority of businesses are able to open again

In addition we have provided suggestions for the grant applications

  • Attractive temporary road closure barriers (eg flower planters rather than signs that look like roadworks are taking place)
  • Permanent bollards in the road that can be raised / lowered to allow temporary Road Closures and support events throughout the year, rather than a temporary measure during coronavirus
  • Attractive signage  or bus shelter advertising to remind people to maintain social distancing but also make them feel welcome.
  • (Temporary)hand washing / sanitising stations in the town
  • ExReplacing car park payment machines
  • Enhancing the cycling options
  • Digital Funding – to cover a large percentage eg of ShopAppy for businesses for 12 months to get them online on the digital platform