Fleet businesses are looking forward to welcoming people back to Fleet

Businesses in Fleet prepare to reopen


More businesses in Fleet are preparing to open from 15th June when non essential retail can open. Fleet Business Improvement District has been supporting businesses to open so that you can visit Fleet and our businesses confidently and safely.

With 76% people looking forward to returning to the shops in Fleet, we asked local residents what will make them feel safe to return to Fleet:

  • 84% people said enhanced hygiene measures – we have bulk purchased hand sanitiser for businesses in Fleet.
  • 60% people said floor stickers – we have provided business with free floor stickers.
  • 77% people wanted the number of people to be limited in shops – we have provided businesses with posters so that they can let people know how many are allowed in at one time.
  • 47% people wanted markings on pavements – we have provided businesses with free window stickers. Although they cannot be used on pavements they are visual reminders for people to observe social distancing guidelines.
  • 52% wanted on street parking to be suspended to provide more space for people to pass safely, particularly where pavements may become congested. Fleet BID and Fleet Town Council have worked with Hart District Council on their plans for the temporary closure of on street parking bays. This will included disabled parking bays so more information on where blue badge holders can park in Fleet is detailed below.

Fleet’s Stay Safe Tracker

We have launched Fleet’s Stay Safe Tracker so that anyone visiting Fleet or working in Fleet can provide confidential feedback on how safe they feel, suggest areas for improvement and highlight great service they have received. This information will be used to make improvements in the town. Complete Fleet’s Stay Safe tracker here.

Fleet’s Virtual High Street

We look forward to welcoming you to Fleet and will be updating our website with the opening times of businesses as they start to re-open. Visit Fleet’s Virtual High Street here.

Disabled parking bays in Fleet

While on street parking is suspended, some on street disabled parking will remain open by Sainsbury’s and Pedal Heaven. Blue badge holders can park for free in car parks is free and the following car parks in Fleet have disabled parking bays:

  • 8 Disabled parking bays in Church Road car park (near Sainsbury’s)
  • 2 Disabled parking bays in Birchayes car park (by Branksomewood Road entrance)
  • 9 Disabled parking bays in Victoria Road car park – 2 by Victoria Road pedestrian exit, 5 by the pathway at the opposite side to The Views, 2 by the Harlington pedestrian exit
  • 2 Disabled parking bays in Gurkha Square car park Birchayes car park (by The Harlington)
  • 2 Disabled parking bays in the Courtyard car park near to the entrance to Hart District Council’s offices
  • 17 disabled spaces, situated on Levels One and Two of the Hart Shopping Centre car park

Download Hart District Council’s FAQs about the parking bay suspensions here.