Fleet BID Business Excellence Awards 2019 – Sustainability Award

Globally, we produce nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic every year and it is estimated that up to 13 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the global marine environment annually*.

This has adverse implications for wildlife, the economy and human health. Many businesses and communities are taking steps to reduce or eliminate the use of plastics, particularly single-use plastics to minimise the impact of plastic pollution in the environment.

To recognise the achievement of businesses in this area, the Fleet Business Improvement District, Fleet BID, is introducing a new award as part of their Business Excellence Awards 2019 – the Sustainability Award focusing on the elimination of Single-Use Plastics.

How do I enter?

Entries are open to all businesses in the Fleet Business Improvement District area in Fleet. To enter the awards please submit your entry of no more than 750 words explaining the changes you have made or are planning to make, the reasons for this and the impact this has had on your business. Your entry could include information relating to:

  • The products you sell
  • Packaging
  • Supply chain innovations
  • Initiatives you have introduced to reduce or eliminate the use of single-use plastics
  • Employee involvement with initiatives.

Email your entries to info@fleet-bid.co.uk

Entries must be received by 5 pm Friday 3rd May 2019 with the winner announced at the Fleet BID Awards evening on Wednesday 15th May.


About our Award Sponsor, Scoop

This award is sponsored by Scoop, Fleet’s Zero Waste retailer. Scoop was founded in January 2019 by Fleet resident Kate Cottrell who is passionate about helping others to engage in a zero-waste life and make changes, however small.

Kate’s aim is to bring the most environmentally friendly products to Fleet which remove the need for plastic packaging, support local producers and provide support and education to help our local community achieve a greener lifestyle.