Getting ‘Back to Business’: Restructure debt; restore businesses; save job– Hampshire Chambers

Getting ‘Back to Business’: Restructure debt; restore businesses; save job – Thu, 16 February 2021

This webinar explains how restructuring and insolvency procedures can help with financial recovery, and how to seek early advice when experiencing financial distress.

In the current climate, many directors and business owners will, unfortunately, be facing possible insolvency for the first time. However, failures can be averted if advice is taken early enough.

Importantly, insolvency and restructuring processes do not necessarily mean the end of a business and can often facilitate business rescue, particularly if the advice is taken before cash runs out and there is an opportunity to speak to creditors to agree on a restructure of the business. In recent months, there has also been a series of significant temporary and permanent legislative changes to the UK’s insolvency and restructuring framework which will help with business rescue.

This webinar, produced in partnership with R3, the trade association for the insolvency and restructuring profession, provides an overview of the key restructuring and insolvency procedures and how they can help; explains what an insolvency practitioner does, how to tell if someone is qualified and regulated; and provides an opportunity for members to ask questions of an insolvency and restructuring expert.

For more information on R3, please visit their website.

Hosted by Garry Lee of R3.

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