Businesses encouraged to get involved in the government’s Shop Local campaign

Businesses in Fleet Hampshire are being encouraged to get involved and encourage customers to Shop Local as part of the government’s EnjoySummerSafely campaign, with shoppers across the UK  urged to do their bit and Shop Local Week  to help local businesses rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic.

Shop Local Week is part of the government’s Enjoy Summer Safely campaign, encouraging people to get back to the way of life they have missed, while following safety guidelines.

From popping into a local family-run bakery for a loaf of bread, or buying a quirky gift from an independent shop, by shopping locally people can help local business owners and local communities get back up and running.

How businesses in Fleet can get involved in the Shop Local campaign

As part of the government’s #EnjoySummerSafely campaign you may have seen the Shop Local campaign encouraging people to use their local high street.

The government have provided some suggested ways that you can use this campaign and, as a business owner, you know what makes your business special and what you offer to customers that they cannot get elsewhere. What makes your customer experience unique and different to what people get online?

Don’t forget to use photos when you post, ideally of your business but you can also use this image if you are stuck.

Some suggested posts could be:

  • By shopping here, you are supporting the community – we employ x number of local staff and it helps our local suppliers too! #ShopLocal @FleetBID @BEISgovuk #findyourfleet
  • #ShopLocal with us for personal recommendations – pop in store to find out more. @FleetBID @BEISgovuk #findyourfleet
  • Our customers #ShopLocal because we all know each other so well – we’ve been here for x years and helped customers from multiple generations. @BEISgovuk #findyourfleet
  • We’re a brand new business, but we’re really excited about bringing something new to Fleet. It’s great to be part of #ShopLocal week @BEISgovuk @fleetbid #findyourfleet
  • We’ve done a lot to keep our business safe, including hand sanitiser, signs, one way systems and extra cleaning – we are COVID-secure and ready for the summer – pop down the road to see our summer stock today. #EnjoySummerSafely #ShopLocal @BEISgovuk @FleetBID #findyourfleet
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By tagging using the @signs and #findyourfleet we will look out for these and share your posts.