Benefits of the BID to the Waterfront Business Park and Service Businesses

Waterfront Business Park

Business Improvement Districts around the country act as catalysts for businesses to come together and work collectively, delivering projects prioritised by those businesses.

There are a number of BIDs focused on  Business Parks and Industrial Estates with a mix of businesses delivering projects to benefit them.

For Fleet the benefits to businesses in the Waterfront Business Park and other service businesses include:

Safety and Security

BIDs have helped companies to enhance their safety and security through:

  • Adding  to CCTV provision.
  • Improving links with the local police.
  • Extending security patrols to reduce anti social behaviour and crime.
  • Assisting with Health and Safety training and providing items such as defibrillators.

A United Voice

BIDs represent  businesses including those in particular sectors or even a geographical area, such as the Waterfront Business Park, with:

  • Negotiating discounts.
  • Getting access to local authorities, MPs or councillors.
  • Ensuring their views are represented and that projects are delivered which meet their needs.

Recycling and waste removal

BIDs have helped companies to save money on waste removal and work collectively to negotiate discounts through:
Recycling schemes to reduce waste and save money.

  • Working collectively to negotiate trade waste collection costs.
  • Secure shredding services

Business Support

Businesses can benefit from a range of support services such as:

  • Access to Business Advisers to provide advice, guidance and support for businesses whether they are start ups or established businesses.
  • Discounts will be offered on mystery shopping services to get an impartial review of customer service your business delivers.
  • More support will be available to businesses to enable them to benefit from events and activities being held in the town as well as the increased footfall these events generate.
  • Supporting business award schemes to raise the profile of businesses in Fleet.

In addition the activity focusing on retail and restaurant businesses creating a vibrant town centre atmosphere benefits all businesses and will improve staff recruitment and retention. Specific projects such as  the Fleet map and guide will be a helpful to showcase what Fleet has on offer when recruiting staff. In addition the discount scheme for people working in Fleet will enable them to benefit from discounts from retailers and restaurants in the BID area.

Remember a Business Improvement District is a business-led and business-funded initiative and will focus on the projects prioritised by you.