2018 Commercial Crime Survey Results

The results of the 2018 Commercial Crime survey (CVS) have been published recently by The Home Office.

The survey covers three main sectors (as defined by the Government Standard Industrial Classification – SIC – codes: Wholesale & retail; Agriculture, forestry & fishing and Accommodation & food (includes pubs, bars, restaurants).

The key findings are:

  • As in previous survey years, the wholesale and retail sector experienced the highest levels of crime of all sectors covered with 10.1 million incidents of crime.
  • There is a general upward trend (from 2015) in the number of incidents, although these relate to an increased frequency (ie certain businesses are being targeted more often) rather than more businesses being targeted.
  • Repeat victimisation has particularly increased for “theft by customers”, up from 49 incidents per premises in the 2012 CVS to 92 incidents per premises in the latest year.
  • Crime in the Agriculture, forestry and fishing and Accommodation and food sectors have remained largely stable.

Commercial Crime Survey 2018

The full survey results can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/crime-against-businesses-findings-from-the-2018-commercial-victimisation-survey